Receive dedicated support for your project or business with our custom design and development services.

When you order custom work for your website, project, or business, you'll benefit from a highly qualified team that will focus exclusively on your project and its specific requirements. We are committed to delivering tailored solutions that meet your unique needs and help your project or business thrive.

Custom Development

If your project requires custom development using Laravel, PHP, or database solutions, we've got you covered. Our experts can create tailored solutions to fit your unique requirements.

Installation & Configuration

Let our seasoned professionals handle the installation and configuration of the latest Microweber version, module updates, and theme updates. We ensure your platform is up-to-date and running smoothly.

Bug Fixes & Troubleshooting

If you encounter issues with modules or templates not functioning correctly, count on us to diagnose and resolve the problem swiftly. We'll get your website or application back on track.

Front-End Development

Our team is well-versed in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript development. We can enhance your website's front-end to make it more appealing, interactive, and user-friendly.

Integration Education

We provide training and guidance to your team on how to seamlessly integrate Microweber into your themes. Empower your staff with the knowledge they need to maximize the platform's potential.

Timely Response

You can trust us to meet your deadlines. We are committed to delivering all services promptly, ensuring your project progresses smoothly and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need premium support?

Premium support is designed for anyone who seeks professional technical assistance for their websites, projects, and businesses.

How does the support work?

Our support is managed through a ticket support system, which can be accessed at

What versions of Microweber are supported

We offer support for all publicly available versions of Microweber. However, we do not provide support for Microweber versions older than 1.1.3.

How are bugs fixed?

We fix troubleshooting and issues according to Microweber's coding standards, ensuring that we do not modify your core, keeping your system clean and intact.

How do I provide access to my site?

To address your issues, we require your web admin access and FTP credentials. Once our work is complete, you can change these credentials for security.

What isn't covered by the support?

The support plan is specifically intended for bug and issue resolution. Custom development and custom design services are not covered. If you require custom design or development, please contact us or reach out to Microweber partners for additional assistance.

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