The Story

At Microweber, we believe that creating a website should be as straightforward as possible. Our journey began from the genuine needs and frustrations of users and clients just like you.

Some time ago, we operated a web-design company that catered to clients around the globe. While striving to craft remarkable websites, we encountered a common challenge - the complexity of existing content management systems. It became apparent that these systems were often too intricate and convoluted for everyday users.

This pivotal moment inspired us to embark on a mission to develop a content management system (CMS) that would truly address our needs. Microweber was conceived as the next-generation CMS, designed to simplify website creation without compromising on functionality.

We didn't keep this innovation to ourselves; instead, we released Microweber as an open-source product for the world to benefit from. Since that moment, our dedicated team has been tirelessly committed to enhancing its design and expanding its capabilities.

Today, Microweber proudly stands as one of the pioneering drag-and-drop website builders and CMS solutions globally. We've put the power of easy website creation into your hands, making it easier than ever to bring your ideas to life. Welcome to the future of web design, where innovation meets simplicity.

Meet our Team

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Peter Ivanov

Boris Sokolov

Nikolay Rananov

Petko Yovchevski

Alex Raikov

Bozhidar Slaveykov

Our partners

A heartfelt thanks to all companies and people who contribute to the development of this Open source CMS.