Open source 

Microweber strongly believes that Open source embodies freedom. Freedom is the main reason Internet was created and reward.

To be precise - the freedom to discover, to share, to communicate and to create. Open source is the key to a future of independence and decentralization for both the Internet and us, its users. It was, is and will be the force that shapes a better Web full of innovation, diversity, flexibility and quality products.

There is no other model that enables each one of us to express him/herself and use the platform of the Internet to the fullest disregarding age, nationality, proficiency or profession. There is no other model that unites us so deeply in our quest for self-improvement and improvement of the Web.

This is why we chose Open source as our key to creating websites ridiculously easy and with unparalleled accessibility. Of course, tagging all along is the diverse customization with the help of a great amount of contributors and volunteers to whom we are very thankful! The only thing our user needs to really have on his mind is what exactly to publicize and share with the others.

Open source is also our way to give both the business and the freelancers a unique platform for both their professional and personal growth. Altogether it is a model benefiting user and content creator, freelancer and corporate worker, rookie and specialist alike. 

The five principles of Microweber 

1. Website for everyone

We understand just how frightening the world of CMS can be. No one is obliged to be a crafty developer and to have a technical background. This is why we aim to develop Microweber as a simple and easy system suitable for everyone out there – especially for those users that lack the proficiency in site making.  

2. Quality is a must

Before implementing and going live with a new function or module we do tests. We do a lot of tests, to be exact. But it’s not only us. Our great community of volunteers and contributors helps Microweber in the quest for delivering the highest quality features possible with testing and sharing their feedback. The quality of the end product is 100% guaranteed.

3. Pursue innovation

You can always improve both yourself and your work. Microweber never ceases to pursue innovation and think out of the box. A solid proof for this is our revolutionary Real-time edit function and our unique module architecture. Expect everything from us and be assured that it will always be high-grade.

4. You are never alone

Microweber values team play. We know just how important it is to be heard. We respect our magnificent community and cherish it greatly. We understand your need and wish to expand your business or improve your influence and provide you with a whole catalog of opportunities to do so. 

5. Be a part of something greater

We believe that competition breeds innovation. We do what we do with the thought of pushing the CMS world forward. We wish to see the functions and features we implement to be the spark that will ignite further improvements in CMS. We also wish to see you and the end user, benefitting the most of this situation.