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I just finished the translation from English to Swedish it should be about 95% correct, i have pressed the "Send us your translation" button, and i get a message about "Translation [SV] Saved" but the button still says "sending". Is there a…


in a smartphone the text and images run together


Thank you for all your help in solving my admin page issue the other day.  I am still learning the Microweber and I am trying to find the solutions for the following matters.  I would appreciate it very much if someone can provide the suggestion…


Hi, I am trying to use the online demo and even my own local installation but, in both I am facing the same issue.  When I go to newsletter module and try to upload an image from newsletter add template section. It does not allow me to drag…


The update on version 1.1.16 is not working and the promt is not going event after complete download of all packedges.


I would appreciate it very much if you can provide the guidance.The server system is Ubuntu18 + php7.2 + nginx.  It is my testing platform and connected with a slow 1m bps up connection by port 443 forwardings.  I am evaluating Microweber…


Hi and hello This might either be the most simple question ever or something is fubar on my install. I can't get the admin panel/interface to change to dutch.  I change via settings and on login panel nl.json is there. I even renamed nl.json…


Hi everyone, I'm a French developer. Who could explain to me why the language file (ex : fr.json) generate automatically new keys => value after editing the language file in userfiles folder?? Thanks for answers.


Can we make the cms have a custom page type like for example, lets say I am building out a website for a realtor, and I want a custom page type called "real estate listing" that the realtor can just add the info about the home for sale, images,…


I‌ have tried and tested Microweber and i really love it.. one of the few CMS's that are quick in setup and great in functionality.Still testing locally and think about to purchase a white label pack. However, a small minus for me,  is the…

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