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There is error in sending email through gmail. I check internet and found gmail had changed their policy. we must have OAuth clent ID in order to send mail from website made by microweber. Here is open source https://github.com/google/gmail-oauth2-tools/wiki/PhpSampleCode.…


Whoops, looks like something went wrong. (1/1) FatalThrowableError Class 'Composer\Util\Url' not found in FileDownloader.php line 287 at FileDownloader->processUrl(object(CompletePackage), 'https://packages.microweberapi.com/dist/microweber/update/microweber-update-5522c684a8059b5e4d39b72ff1686ee3c1285620-zip-b5b7b1.zip')in…


every time i fill in the data the invoice setting does not save it and does not create any invoices i hope you could help me with this  ‌ 


I have type my email and password to login into my dashboard. But, after I logined successfully. It still not bring to dashboard. Any solution? 


When is the next update? 


ErrorTrying to access array offset on value of type bool on line 44 This is the error I get when trying to edit the Testimonials Module The relevant lines below - can you help? <?php if (($data['id']) == 0): ?>     <script>  …


I want to create multi-language websites. I read about installation process here, https://microweber.org/modules/microweber-modules/multilanguage. Is there any demo account available??


Centos 7 Microweber 1.1.16 Landing page is working but unable to access admin page. Installation done as given in documentation. No further modification or changes. No changes to config files. Newbie trying to test microweber. http://localhost/microweber/admin…


I can't seem to get Tawk.to to work. I've created an account and set it up on Tawk.to: In My Modules > Cookie Notice > Tawk.to settings: I have Tawk.to enabled, and the label filled. Then I filled in the "Tawk.to code" field with the…


I‌ have a website https://www.instahotstar.com/buy-instagram-followers in laravel framework.It's frontend is done admin section needs to update website content. Can i use this CMS for this purpose if it will be possible my most of time…

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