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Hi!I would like to use Microweber in my SaaS project (websites for my client). ‌ Is possible to integrate multisite version with SaaS software?


Is it just me or are these settings really confusing?Could the developer of this module please improve the description of your fields? ‌ 


Hi, can someone please help me and tell me how to create user accounts for blog post writers ?


Does anyone know why the page would load like this? This is what came up first thing after installation. I cannot go to /admin, either.  https://imgur.com/Dw2HHGb https://imgur.com/Dw2HHGb


I experience the same problem using the installation page or through artisan.'Could not connect to the database' which I am 100% sure the connection details are correct. I think it is something to do with missing driver looking at the reply…


Hello can you create also directadmin plugin like for cpanel/plesk? 


Hi, I need the help.  When the server encounters the error like 500.  The error message shows up at the screen with red popup for few seconds and disappears so that it is hard to read its contents. Is there any ways to save the error log…


I need the advice for adding the "Square" payment gateway.  The problem is I can not enable this payment gateway.  Also, after adding this module, I can not save other settings such as Stripe keys and etc.  I can see the green "shop settings…


visual editor changes are not saved in microweber?


There is error in sending email through gmail. I check internet and found gmail had changed their policy. we must have OAuth clent ID in order to send mail from website made by microweber. Here is open source https://github.com/google/gmail-oauth2-tools/wiki/PhpSampleCode.…

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