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Good afternoon ! How to transfer a site to microweber cms with sqlite database to another domain and another hosting? Just make an archive and unpack it in a new location?


Good evening ! Can you please tell us there is a problem? When you select Russian, the tabs on the advanced settings do not work when you switch to English, the tabs work.


Good evening ! Please tell me where in the settings can specify the discount coupon code ?


Good evening ! Please tell me how can change the address of the admin panel from /admin to another for security ?


Good evening ! Please tell me what could be the problem ? On the local server, the statistics work. On hosting statistics not works. In version 1.0.15 on hosting everything works on version 1.1.0 on hosting does not work.


Добрый вечер ! Скажите, пожалуйста, что может быть проблемой в локальной статистике сервера и не работает на хостинге? По версии micro…


‌ Hi.Considering that I can nto install 1.1, i was looking for the previous version, but I can't fin it. Is it available anywhere?


Hello, I am sharing few Questions on Laravel. Request the community to review it from below URL. https://www.onlineinterviewquestions.com/laravel-interview-questions/ Thanks


Hello Sir, I am installing microweber latest version on my pc. But installation freezed at 7%, I tried 4 times but not working. Thanks.


Thanks for the new version ! Good job ! Microweber brand new version (1.1.0)  Not working select the currency in the store settings, only the US dollar.Now the MIT license used to be Apache License?. Sorry for English used Google translator.

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