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Hello, On the Dream template the menu does not show on mobile devices. You can see the menu icon but when you click on it nothing happens. Any advices what we should change to fix this?


Hi to allCan you display the content of a realistic robots.txt file for a microweber webpage witch is suitable for a business website, so google can collect the content correctly ?Thank you very much for your Microweber CMS !Keep going !Urs


hello all,on a fresh install with content the transprent nav bar on dream template is not working.is showing like the inverse nav bar with white background.any idea?thank for the reply.


WHen clicking on the icons, the blocks don't move


I‌ have a problem during installation of microweber. In the step installing module the scrip freez at 10% on installing module i have check my php configuration and all it's fine home directory is writable  webserver is nginx


hiAre you zware that the modules and blocks cannot  be dragged and dropped with the mobile (like impresspages cms)


Hi, im trying to setup Stripe Payment. When i proceed the checkout. i retrieve the message  from Stripe: "Sending credit card numbers directly to the Stripe API is generally unsafe". Its possible to ignore in the Stripe settings, but can you…


How to install microweber on my subdomain laravel project? I'm new using mw and interest so much about cms and storefront of mw In my case i've main website www.example.com run on laravel, and i want my subdomain use frontend and cms mw on…

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