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Trying to install v0.93462 but it stops at the second 'preparing to install' message without any error message. It may be due to allow_url_fopen not being enabled (although if I temporarily comment out that requirement in the install code it makes no difference) but a lot of servers now have this disabled…


how can I add a coupon discount code field to my check out page?


Hi guys - I try to install your famous CMS but I get these error:Warning: Illegal string offset 'the_id' in /var/www/xxx/src/Microweber/Db.php on line 1235Some ideas?Best regardsBerni


Is there anyway to override automated meta data in the meta title, description, and keyword tags for each page? Quite important for SEO.


Hi,I just imported my WordPress site into MicroWeber, which worked great. I was quite surprised at how well it went. Just exported the WP site and imported the XML file and everything was there.Unfortunately, MicroWeber hasn't taken over the post dates. I can't see a way to change them manually, either.…


Hi Microweber team! i want to add new a module, but when i created new folder, example: yahoo, then i add 3 file: config.php, index.php, admin.php. and yahoo.png. But in admin panel, i can't view module. i want to ask: how to add new module? thanks!


H‌ello microweber team, Once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your continuous investment (of time and otherwise) in the microweber project. Would it be possible to move the selection of the main website theme to the Preferences page or somewhere else. The reason is that (at the moment) when you create…


When version 1.0 is released how will we upgrade an existing site? Will we need to manually upload files via ftp or is there an easy upgrade process that fetches files from github?


i want to use my own domain name without transferring it from the original registrar


In templates/mytemplatename/header.php I tried adding class="edit" to div id="main-menu" with field="mytemplatename-main-menu" rel="global" to see if I could make the main-menu div editable and to change background color, but nothing happened (even after clearing cache). What would be the correct way…

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