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Hello,I have installed Version 0.9346.2 on a Debian 7.5 server and it works wonderfully. I do have one issue though. The time of new posts is always in UTC, which in my case is two hours off (CEST). The server's time zone setting is correctly set to Europe/Berlin, I've verified with dpkg-reconfigure…


Hello,I've noticed that when Microweber is served via HTTPS, the Google Maps module does not seem to work in Firefox. After ruling out Addons, some research has led me to the conclusion that the Mixed Content Blocker of Firefox is blocking the Google Maps Module traffic. Internet Explorer asks whether…


I have installed Beta 0.93462 on my server and am having problems resetting the admin password.When asked for the reset email address I enter this and no mail arrives in my inbox (have checked spam / trash etc). Probably user error entering a random username / password to start with !ThanksNick


Hi,When I create a new blog page I want it to be available under 1 or more catagories.But, when I edit the blogpage and add newly created catagories (click here to add categories and pages), it doesn't save the changes, tough it does say it has saved the changes. As soon as I reload the page the addes…


Ich hoffe, daß ich hier richtig poste....Hallo Community !Ich bin der englischen Sprache nicht so mächtig, versuche es dennoch hier, ein Problem zu lösen.Am Ende steht die Google-Übersetzung !Folgendes vorgehen beschäftigt mich und kann es nicht lösen:Ich betreibe einen eine Domain mit mehreren…


I don't know what to do, both of my microweber sites died after the most recent update! page is just blank in chrome/firefox and can't be found at all in ie


Hello !I use the Template 'liteness''.How can I change the Favicon for my side?For an assistance, my thanks beforehand.


Hi,My site is currently under development in LAMPP so I can't post screenshots or URL. The problem is, my HTML template has some elements with JQuery. It's having issues with the Microweber admin bar (on Live Edit). The admin bar is only showing half and does not expand. So I guess it's having a conflict…


H‌ello Guys, Just came across Microweber. First of all thank you for making it available as an Open Source project. Do you have any roadmap, or stuff you are working on to share with us (people interested in the project). I noticed it's still in beta. When do you plan to release it as v1? Are you…

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