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How to install microweber on my subdomain laravel project? I'm new using mw and interest so much about cms and storefront of mw In my case i've main website www.example.com run on laravel, and i want my subdomain use frontend and cms mw on…


Hi, trying to install, and my server is php 5.6, but I get this erreor: Error: You must have PHP version 5.6 or greater to run Microweberwhat should I do?thanks.


Hello Dear Friends,Microweber comes with new website and templates.  Happy New Website 2017! It was a real challenge to make it again, but now the website design is improved, working perfectly on mobile devices and have new features and templates…


Hi to allAfter installation of Microweber 1.0.8 in PHP 5.6 and login in admin page I can configure Microweber and make some changes to the default installation. After logout from administration and load the website as a normal visitor  I see…


Hey Guys, need help with viewing content.  Anytime I click on a module to edit it, for example a slideshow or button. The window opens up like it normally does, but whats in the box is a grey box that says "content No matter what I do it just…


Hello Sorry I had to create a new post, it is because the captcha fails me all the time, and I enter the right answer, but captch fails always.Please see my original post: https://microweber.org/i-always-get-a-blank-page-do-get-a-blank-page-no-matter-what…


Hello and thanks for Microweber.No matter how I set permissions I get or "You do not have permission"  or a complete white page. I met all the requirements, and I am not able to get the installation page, only blank page.I appreciate a lot…


Hi all, I'm part of a small team from Anyshare.coop and we're an exchange platform that's also built on Laravel. We're looking to integrate with microweber and have a few questions on the managed service support plan.  Does your team also…


hi there. i put microweber on my 'to keep an eye on' list. now that i could use a small cms + shop for a project i was wondering if it is activley developed any further? seems to be VERY quiet around this here. would be a pitty as it looked…


I can't reorder items in the menu in either Live Edit or through Settings. I can drag and drop them into place, but they don't stay there. I'm using Liteness and the latest version of Microweber according to Updates.

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