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Is there a way to do this,  I do not see an option to do so,


‌ After sending of a form is the note: " This message was sent " appears. If the form is longer , usually appears the Note at the top of the form. This is impractical !You have to scroll up then to see this notice . It should at the bottom…


I'm trying to edit  a site.  A piece of text needs to be right align - but this doesn't seem to work.  I can left-align and centre-align the text, but clicking the "right alignment" button on either the hover toolbox or the toolbar does…


Firstly, thank you for a great product...Don't know if anyone has had this issue,As soon as i add the contact module, the page becomes unsavable. I press save for the change and it the save button just says saving... for ever... try to leave…


Hi all, We have just released version 1.0.7 for download. Zip files: FULL INSTALL https://github.com/microweber/dist/raw/master/microweber-latest.zip UPDATE ONLY https://github.com/microweber/dist/raw/master/microweber-update.zip  To update…


I have spent some time trying to work out how to display the data for a product on an order, where a user has selected an option on a custom field. Example: Product A has a "Color" option with two choices, Blue or Red. A user selects Blue and…


It would wonderful to be able to export a list of orders from the shop.Is this planned functionality?Thanks,Nathan


When viewing orders in the admin interface, only the last 30 orders are listed.There is no pagination, or method of moving to the remaining orders in the system.Any ideas?Thanks,Nathan


Hi there,I am having some intermittent issues with the Microweber shop, where some orders do not get transferred to the Payment Gateway (PayPal).The order gets created, and the shopping cart gets emptied, and they get taken back to the checkout…


Has anyone integrated Omnipay with microweber?

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