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Hi,I have a problem when i make my own template. I need to use special tag for ie, but Microweber doesn't like it. I have in firefox the error :TypeError: is undefined var b =; I tested on Chrome and IE9 too, it doesn't work.I think i…


Hello,I have problem in cyrillic text.See here I can to fix it?Thanks


the microweber automatic meta generator will break html conditional<!--[if lt IE 9]>      <script src=""></script>      <script src=""></script><![endif]-->


My currency Indonesian Rupiah (Rp.) conversion rate against the USD is low (0.000088)When inputing the conversion rate, the field automatically changed it to 8.8E-5 is that supposed to happen?


Items Will not linked to assigned category using the dropdown tag. It will defaulted to main shop module category onlyAlso if you deselect the main module Category (Shop) the item will be hidden and cannot be accessed trough the admin, the only way to recover the itemis is editing the item parent from…


Seeing the example live and my own localhost install, there's a lot of id's and classes being added to elements (for example "data-mw-title", "data-type"). If not in edit mode, I don't think it's needed to have all that there. Can we get rid of that? I mean, I don't want a site with THAT much html coding,…


Hello,I installed MW Beta v. 0.9341 without any error. Frontside is ok but when I login to admin panel it says "You are logged in" and then shows login page again. Cookies are open and JS is enabled in my browser.My server uses SU PHP. When i was using MOD PHP there was no problem.Any idea?


Hi,Is it possible to create multi language website and page-to-page translation with MW?


Git cloned microweber to my /var/www folder in ubuntu 14.04.Ran the installation. Installation was successfull.I had chosen to install sample data and chosennew  lightness template.But /localhost/microweber/admin gave 404 error./localhost/microweber loaded but graphics were not loaded. Even the arrrangement…


Hello,In the edit online page, when i change image in module image for example, i want the image added in a repository called with the same name as the current edit page (if i add an image to myPage, i want the image stored in /userfiles/media/mypage).I found the file plupload.php, and i changed this…

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