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I don't know so much about web pages, so I did this tutorial step by step: https://websiteforstudents.com/how-to-install-microweber-cms-on-ubuntu-16-04-17-10-18-04-with-apache2-mariadb-php-7-2-and-lets-encrypt-ssl-tls-certificates/ (I bought…


I have a very serious problem. After editing the product page: https://actcad.pl/upgrade-for-old-actcad-bim, when you try to save, an error pops up and the page crashes.I can navigate the pages in the dashbound, but when I try to expand the…


Hi All, When i want to install mw on localhost i get this error. Could anyone help me to solve this. This is the image which i get error.  https://hizliresim.com/b8yz7v Kindest Regards.


he publication describes the childhood in pre-WWII Japan of a dominating woman who suffered from attention disorders and excessive energy and who later was mentored by a very special school leader who actually known her. The book has sold more…


I want to be able to integrate custom payment into shop checkout. is it possible, if yes, how do I go about it ..?


The new microweber v1.2 is amazing especially with the updated admin panel and my thanks to the developer team doing such a splendid job. However I noticed the site would break once I started editing the home page via live edit resulting to…


Hi, Our website was indicating an update. It seems to be updating fine. However after pressing a button. It totally collapsed. " (1/1) ReflectionException Class module_manager does not exist in Container.php line 729 at ReflectionClass->__construct('module_manager')in…


Test on local and server  When trying to add a new page: "Form submission failed, as the <SELECT> element named '' was implicitly closed by reaching the end of the file. Please add an explicit end tag ('</SELECT>')"

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