WYSIWYG-Editor displaying "Not found"


i installed Microweber last week to give it a try. After the successful install i noticed that the wysiwyg in the admin panel is displaying a "Not found" error. Same error occures by "Inserting Media" in the live edit mode. Most likely for everything that referes to /editor_tools. First i thought, that the folder is completely missing, but since it's located in "userfiles/modules/microweber/toolbar/editor_tools" i guess that i miss some redirects or links in the project.
Also some buttons/links like the "View Website" link or the "Template settings" in the live edit are not linked/open an empty iframe.

I installed Microweber via Composer and tried it again with the manual download, but neither fixxed the problem. mod_rewrite is enabled and the other requirements are met as well.
PHP-Version: 5.5.9
Apache-Version: 2.4.7

Does anyone know the problem here?

Thankful for any help,

Peter Ivanov 6 years ago

Hi Dominic

Can you check if those files are uploaded?

also there might be a problem with the apache mod_rerwite

sometimes on Ubuntu its not working


Can you check if you have

AllowOverride All

in the apache config file

Peter Ivanov 6 years ago

In this case, can you email us FTP access on admin@microweber.com we have to login and solve the issue

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Dominik Süß