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Can someone tell me how the $20 white label license works? Am I able to just use the license on multiple instances of the builder? Does it require cpanel? Whats the difference between the $20 license and the $50 license?
Boris Sokolov 2 years ago

Hello, thank you for this question.

I will try to ex-plane you what are the differences between the white labels packages we offer. 

1. Basic white label license 


This license is perfect for single project or website. It cost $5 per month or $60 per year. Using it you are allowed to change the logo of the Login form for the admin, the admin panel and live edit (Re-brand Microweber) with your own logo and also to put your own link in the footer of the website. Using a license ensures that after system (version) updates the logos and links you set up will retain their position. If you update without a license, they will be replaced with the Microweber logo.

More information here: https://microweber.org/modules/mw-internal/white_label

2. Pro white label license 


The "Pro White Label" is a license designed for web agency. Except that  you can change the logos and links with your own, it's give you the rights to download and use all

of our templates to build a website project for your clients. For example - you can download some of the templates, change the content of the website and give it to your customer as a

website made by you - on your CMS, with your links and logos. This license IS NOT giving you the rights to re-sell or distribute the templates directly to the client or any third parties. 

If you want your clients to start with the templates and build their own website them-self you will need "Hosting Pro license".

More information here: https://microweber.org/modules/mw-internal/white_label

3. Hosting Pro white label


If you want your clients to follow this process:

Choose Domain -> Choose Template -> Choose Hosting plan -> Checkout -> Install and Edit the website.

So this white label "Hosting Pro" is for you. It's give you the rights to re-sell our templates and modules. You have unlimited installations. We are taking care for the system and templates support. Of-course you are able to re-brand the system with your own logo and own links on all templates. 

To use this white label you need to have - cPanel, WHMCS, Dedicate or VPS and this license.

More information you can find here: https://microweber.org/modules/mw-internal/white_label

In short the difference between "Pro White Label" and "Hosting Pro" white label is that with Hosting Pro you can re-sell templates and modules directly to the customers.

I hope you have understand what are the benefits and differences between the licenses. I on the line to answer to all other your questions.

Best regards,

Boris @ Microweber team

jonathanhutt 1 year ago


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