Very slow to respond?

I would -love- to use Microweber but it is very sluggish to respond: Opening pages (to live edit), adding elements or modules and navigating the "control panel" is slow. 
I have noticed that in my hosts provided cpanel, under MYSQL the following warning is displayed: "This server is running an unsupported MySQL version (5.1). Ask your system administrator to upgrade MySQL to improve security and features."
Somehow I doubt an "unsupported" version of mysql is going to slow a CMS down this drastically but any suggestions on what is wrong, and how to fix it would be appreciated.

(I am not a webdev so please be specific when telling me to do something and how to do it.)


Peter Ivanov 6 years ago

Hi, can you post your OS and server specs as CPU and RAM

Currently the system does not make much database queries as each query is cached on the hard disk.

We will work on improving the speed in next releases

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