v1.2 Cant create new pages

Test on local and server 

When trying to add a new page:

"Form submission failed, as the <SELECT> element named '' was implicitly closed by reaching the end of the file. Please add an explicit end tag ('</SELECT>')"
Peter Ivanov 1 year ago

hello, we cannot reproduce this issue.can you try to make a gif and submit bug in github 

info 3 months ago

I am experiencing the same error. I have a slightly customised Dream template. Perhaps that has something to do with it? I have also upgraded a few times, so the database was initially setup years ago.I looked into the page sources, and there was no select item there. So it must be a select dropdown is being populated in javascript in an way where the closing tag is not created at the end of the options loop. Perhaps generating the option elements breaks out of the loop. Does MW crate HTML by appending strings sometimes?This issue remains after clearing the cache.This is on the latest Brave browser.A workaround is to create a new page using Safari instead. But Safari has its own bugs (cannot change bold/italic/etc of selected text). Currently I create new pages in Safari, and then edit them in Brave. Quite a bad situation.

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