Some bragging: We got the User Guide section running!

Useful information about Microweber project and developers

The last few weeks were a combination of hard work and much fun. We know that sometimes those two don’t mix together well, but in this case they did. And that is why there is a whole User Guide full of tutorials waiting for you under the Learn section.

Now, let’s go a bit deeper because it’s not fair just to throw this information your way without explaining some of the famous “w” words.


The tutorials cover different aspects of Microweber as a CMS. For the highest learning pleasure they are prepared in an ultimate format that we call Read (text) – See (screenshots and pictures) – Hear (video tutorials with a voice over). So whether you wish to hear a YouTube video of us explaining a certain feature, just want to skim through navigating pictures or prefer to read some text, you’ve got the resources.

Eager to create your first blog post? We got you covered.

Need some help when establishing your online shop and wondering how to add and customize your products? Check.

These two were pretty straightforward but sometimes there are deeper waters of the technological world. Don’t worry - we won’t abandon you on your quest to creating the ultimate online shop, blog, or website!


Well, the concept is clear: so you can start creating beautiful content, begin your e-commerce journey and share what interests you with the rest of the world as quickly as possible.

Besides, the website became a tad more beautiful and it’s always great to have a website with more content and colorful multimedia. (We admit that we sometimes watch the tutorials ourselves and skim through the pictures, because we think we did some good work on them!)


Throughout the last month we have worked on delivering these short videos and valuable paragraphs on using the CMS. Now the second half of February and the first half of March are known as the Tut-Month. This Tut-Month is still ongoing, so expect a few more tutorials heading your way.

What are your impressions of the tutorials? Did we miss something important in them? Let us know in the comments below or just drop a message to say hi!

Enjoying our special Tut-Month,
The Microweber team


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