Setting background image

I've started a custom template using a copy of the Liteness template and I've tried to change the background image to one that I've uploaded via Template Settings section in the on-page editor; the image is a simple fade from green to white and is 2px wide x 1088px high; The top green of the image shows in the 6th image thumbnail in the Background Image settings but does not show on the website, the background remains as white. 

In the page source I can see the following code:

<style id="customcolorscss" type="text/css">.contact-form-template-dream .cft-submit, .contact-form-template-dark 
 .... code removed for clarity ....
<style id="custom_bg" type="text/css">body.bgimagecustom{background-image:url(http://mylocalserveraddress/mytemplatename/userfiles/media/uploaded/bg_body.jpg);}.box-container{padding:20px;}body.bgimagecustom{background-position:left top;}body.bgimagecustom{background-size:cover;}</style>

And further down:

<body class="font-verdana bgimagecustom">

Any ideas please?

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