(Solved) Related: I always get a blank page no matter what I do.

Sorry I had to create a new post, it is because the captcha fails me all the time, and I enter the right answer, but captch fails always.
Please see my original post: 

To anybody interested in testing Microweaber CMS please be aware that:
1.- As of date, The PHP requirement is wrong in this page: http://microweber.com/docs/guides/start.md
1.1 I lost 2 days because I thought I was complying with the requirements, I had PHP 5.4.16 but as per Laravel website is PHP 5.6.4
1.2 I discovered this because the blank page in fact was a Server 500 error and checking in the error_log of my hosting account, it gave a very long error related to Lavarel and looking in Google I found the real requirement. 
2.- Then arguing with the hosting provider to upgrade PHP to 5.6.5
3.- And finally, PHP function mcrypt that worked for  PHP 5.4.16 does not work in PHP 5.6.5 so another pain to make the hosting provider to add additional repositories for the installation of the mcrypt module compatible with PHP 5.6.5
4.- I am exhausted, and I have not begin to test Microweaber yet, at least I was able to install it. 
5.- This installation is not for non technical people like me, but much better if you are a PHP programmer and also a Linux Administrator with your own Server. But if you are a programmer is possible that you would have your own stuff (CMS, etc).
6.- I hope the rest of the documentation do not have wrong information.

As soon as I find time to do some more testing I will post my findings, so other people save time.


Note to the forum administrator: please program the forum in a way that do not show the email name part of the subscribers, this is sensitive information that can lead to the discovery of the email of the person, because there are only few mayor email providers. Thank you.

Response to your post Ivanov

Sorry, I had to response over my old post because captcha do not allow me to make a new post, only to edit the first one, this is my response:

Thank you Ivanov for your information.

Looking how it is Microweber and all its functionality I understand you must be busy, I would suggest at least to put a note like "Work in progress" in the documentation.

I am beginning to create a personal store to see if it is better to have a personal store with Microweber to sell my collection of items like vinyl records, books, etc than to have them in places like Amazon or eBay. I like what I have seen so far about Microweber, nice job and thank you for open sourced it.

Best regards

Peter Ivanov 4 years ago


The information is a bit outdated on the documentation and the readme.

We are updating our site now and preparing a release of new version 1.0.8 and we will update the information

thank for your notes, we will fix the issues

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