Product Template / multiple, options and stock

Thank you for all your help in solving my admin page issue the other day.  I am still learning the Microweber and I am trying to find the solutions for the following matters.  I would appreciate it very much if someone can provide the suggestion or advice.

1) Product page and template.

I am using the "dream" template and when I open the product page, the information section (Fabric 100% Cotton / Origin Handmade in Aus / Weight 280gm - 340gm / Sizes S,M,L,XL) is shown on every product.  I understood this comes from "inner-2.php" of shop_elements.  I would like to switch the template between products for better layouts matching product characteristics.  Is there any standard build-in feature to switch the template between products or product categories?  

2) multiple, options ex color, size and stock

The current stock information is not linked with options such as color or size.  What is the best method of adding this feature?  

I should be able to add features by modifying sources, but I am afraid the Microweber update process overwrites modified sources and I end up modifying sources every time update is executed.  So I am wondering how I should add the feature to this platform.

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