On a successful week and a new 0.93 version

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It’s Friday and there's a trumpet sounding a call for relaxation and lazy weekends. For us, the Microweber team, it is a day to look back at what we accomplished during the week.

And wow, what a week this one was! 

Without going into too many details, Microweber went across the internet globe with the help of a number of people who found our project to be pretty interesting.

The CMS got covered in techblogs, CMS niche websites and designer communities in German, Spanish and Portuguese, as well as in the good ol' English, receiving praise for the Real Time Text Writing & Editing feature and comfortable Drag & Drop experience. This week accomplished even something which was unthinkable for us at this early stage – a mention at one of the top 1000 global sites, MakeUseOf. We are a bit shocked, much delighted and more eager than ever to achieve perfection in our work!

Of course the other good news is that we see more and more people ready to contribute and to join our community. February has been true happiness so far, for which we thank to all involved.

This post is not only to brag about our successful week, though. As always, we have some news for you. 

The big announcement is that Microweber v. 0.93 is released! 

The 0.93 version offers a totally different Modules experience, as we have redesigned how the Modules tab appears in your Live Edit view. Overall, we have improved accessibility and the user experience a lot and hope you’ll like it. Here's a quick overview so you can have a better look at the improvements:

We’re also starting with the write-up of User Guides and preparation of Video Tutorials. This way you can learn the basics and more in-depth features of Microweber in a quick and entertaining manner. It is not a fast process, but expect a healthy set of several tutorials every day from Monday on.

The long-term agenda at hand are the Themes. The Microweber default theme is pretty fine, but we promised you rich customization and plan on keeping that promise. That’s why the team is working on developing and designing new custom themes so that users can take pleasure in the diversity of site interface.

We hope that your week was at least as fantastic as ours. Expect great things from us, but never forget that you are a part of our quest towards innovation and we value this greatly.

Highly motivated ,
The Microweber team

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