No "change page" footer for categories = only 18 products visible in each category

1. I encountered strange issue with Liteness template. Namely - as title says - if number of products in each shop category exceeds 18 entries, client browsing category can only see last 18 products added - there is NO "footer" that allow to go to next page (with numbers) in category view. OTOH, on the "shop" page - where all products are stacked together - such way of changing pages exist, happily.

Obviously, it makes using categories a no-go, and forces clients to use "main" shop view to search for products without categories, which is, obviously, very inconvenient.

2. Liteness seems to totally ignore setting "max posts/products per page" from "Website" portion of control panel - no matter what is selected there, it shows exactly 18 products on each page.

Is it bug in the microweber/template, or am I missing something?

/Cat Lady
Peter Ivanov 6 years ago

hi twilight312,

yes you are right.

There is hardcoded limit of 18 products.

I has been removed now. It will be available in the update this week

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