No login possible after fresh install

Installer a fresh version 1.2.8, but after install, when logged out, there is no way to login. In admin or in the web, is the same problem
The app don't say any error, or error are logged in server.
/storage/logs are empty
iis logs don't say anything

It's only say "Signing in..." on login button, and after 3 minutes say an error occurred.

The context is an IIS server, tried different php versions 7.3, 7.4
Different db, mysql and sqlite.

Also i cant see, during the "login" process, when press the login button, the process in the server consume cpu and a lot of ram like 1gb.

dario.baumberger 8 months ago

Had the same issue. Same version, also IIS, tried different PHP versions, tried also with different mysql host and also with sqlite. I tried to increase the maximum execution time. Everything without success. I checked the requirements and the required PHP extension. As far as I can tell, I would say I've installed all of them. The list of required extension in the docs isn't very long: Maybe you will find something there. Everything worked fine on my hosting server (but don't know the specifications exactly).At some point, I ran out of ideas and I ended up with XAMPP installation and VirtualHost (had to enable some PHP extensions). Hope you have more success and perseverance. Let me know when you've found a solution.

Peter Ivanov 8 months ago

Hi, we havent tested with IIS maybe its something related to Laravel and IIS can you check if the problem still occurs on the "dev" branch ? 

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