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Hi everyone, you can read about the new things that coming on the new release version 2.0
We will probably release intermediate version 1.2 before the official release

Hello friends!
We haven't written in the blog for a while, but the time has come to tell you what's going on with the microweber CMS project.

In early 2020, we decided to migrate Microweber to the Laravel 7+ PHP Framework. It was a hard decision that involves a lot of work. We believe that this is the right path to grow the community and product development.

Along with migration to Laravel, we also started migration to Bootstrap 4.
With this, we made a new design which is modern and light and relies the full potential of Microweber CMS.

Migration to Laravel 7+

We have changed the structure of the project in order to follow Laravel conventions and file structure. Also, we are following the good practice of Laravel development and we are restructuring and improving the code. For example, we are converting our functions to models on Laravel structure (New folder structure, New name spacing, Unit tests).

An example of the old logic of database query executing in Microweber 

$usersWithAvatars  = [];
$users = db_get('users', 'age=1,100&no_limit=1');
$avatars = db_get('avatars', 'ids='.implode($users));

foreach($users as $user) {
       foreach($avatars as $avatar) {
             if ($avatar['user_id'] = $user['id']) {
             $user['avatar'] = $avatar['src'];
      $usersWithAvatars[] = $user;

Here is how the new structure of Microweber based on Laravel 7 works

$users = User::with('avatar')
           ->whereBetween('age', [1, 100])

New design UI based on Bootstrap 4,5 

The fact that we switched to Bootsrtap is a very good solution, because any programmer who knows this CSS / HTML framework can break their own project based on MW or develop the CMS itself.

Here is how the new UI looks like: http://ui.microweber.com/ 

New design of the Admin Panel of Microweber based on Bootsrap 4.5

The new vision of the admin panel is modern and as simple as possible. At the same time, we have provided functions for different color schemes that can be selected. We will prepare a dark color scheme, it will be interesting.

The new in the design, is the way you are adding and editing product, post and category. We want to develop the
E-commerce part in the new 2.0 version, that's why we emphasized these things.
Here is how the changes look like:

New icon set for all modules:

New modal screens design of the modules:

Users and Roles to users:

Multi-language is released but still on beta version:

New MW file manager:


New MW text editor:

We are already in a new office. 

I will stop here. There are many more things we will surprise you with in the new version - 2.0.
Follow our Blog, Download Microweber and create websites and shops without restrictions and it is for free.

Be active, email us at info@microweber.com
We will write in our blog  soon.

Thank you!

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