Final steps towards releasing Version 1.0 and the Microweber Marketplace

Useful information about Microweber project and developers

This is going to be big. Brace yourselves and expect what was finally bound to happen. 

We are at the final stage before going completely live. And by "final stage" we don’t mean months away.

What we mean is that in a few weeks’ time, the project will leave beta once and for all. Version 1.0 will bring forth some huge changes for the better. Among these are:

  • A complete inner interface redesign of the CMS: more visually appealing, easier to navigate through, slick and rich on options.

  • A Marketplace for templates and modules: the meeting point for crafty developers, inspired designers and end users seeking tempting customization for their websites, online shops or blogs.

  • White label for hosting companies who wish to use the website builder

  • Even more flexible and smooth user experience

Click on any of the screenshots to view it in full size.

We have already received a lot of queries for white label license from web hosting and web design companies situated all over the world. Once again it seems that when people find something valuable in their eyes, geographical boundaries do not matter at all. We are glad that software which we’re passionate about resonates so well with a global community of tech-inspired people.

Additional templates are also in the making – both from our side and from the same energetic, visionary designers and developers that wish to contribute to the open source cause of Microweber.

Summer surprises are the best and we surely have a big one in our pockets. Microweber 1.0 is dawning soon. Have a little more patience and we will bring it out to you.

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