Microweber adding lots of classes, id's and styling?

Seeing the example live and my own localhost install, there's a lot of id's and classes being added to elements (for example "data-mw-title", "data-type"). If not in edit mode, I don't think it's needed to have all that there. Can we get rid of that? I mean, I don't want a site with THAT much html coding, as it would ruin my text/html ratio for Google. I want Google to have a nice and clean website, which it can understand very easily. I get that you would need some attributes on things for your system to work, but in non-edit mode, they wouldn't be needed at all?

Also, are we able to disable the dragging of "columns"? I wouldn't want clients to edit their width of sidebars and such at all..

At first glance, it looks pretty awesome. Keep up the good work :D

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