As Internet is growing more rapidly than ever, investing in it doesn't feel "old" at all

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The internet is soon to reach a great milestone – one billion websites. Estimates put this to happen by the end of June this year. With the first website created in 1991, we’re bearing witness to the ultimate growth of digital evolution – which is but just a start.

As technology is evolving, so is business conducted within its borders. Business-to-business (B2B) marketing automation will grow 60% and reach $1.2 billion. In steadily improving in terms of digi-development China, B2B ecommerce has reached record sales of $6,9 billion in the last quarter of 2013. These are only a small chunk hinting at the future of B2B.

The Business-to-consumer (B2C) sector isn’t standing idle too. Ecommerce – this time in terms of B2C will increase by 20% to reach record $1.5 trillion this year. The forecasts for every region – from USA to UK or China show clearly that this is a trend that will continue with sharp rises of profit volume and market opportunity. All of this - on a global scale.

What to say of Software-as-a-service (SaaS) or the lucrative future of the Internet of Things (IoT)? The different fragments of technology – and internet to be more precise all lead to the conclusion that investing in this platform is one of the wisest and profitable choices anyone would make.

After all, a CISCO report recently noted that 99.4% of the physical devices in our daily life are still unconnected. This means that only 10 billion of approximately 1.5 trillion devices and things are out of the grid and ready to be implemented in it. Not to mention increasing users from the developing countries with a focus on Asia – a region that is surpassing North America and all other regions by users at the moment of speaking. So we’re in a situation of rich opportunities both in the audience of consumers and product design and implementation in daily life.

This amalgam of business opportunities in the context of technology is paired with a very valuable insight investors (and business as a whole) learnt at the beginning of the Millennium. The Dotcom bubble was a harsh lesson to be cautious when investing in technology. Luckily, we are standing in front of a digital revolution with this bitter experience in mind and ready to connect ourselves successfully to the new digital business reality.

So why would investing in internet and the upcoming internet of things be a good idea?

- Internet is increasingly becoming a low cost/high reward environment. Small initial investment (or none at all!) doesn’t mean a mandatory hindrance of growth. Social sharing and the way people communicate with ideas in the virtual space lets you connect with heaps of prospective customers. If your product is good, the word will be spread lightning fast without the need of expensive marketing. Same applies for investors who will reap the benefits of the successful venture.

- The developing world is getting more and more developed in terms of technology with each second passing. This means a vast market opportunity amidst increasing consumers. More than 60% of the world’s population is located in Asia – a region that is making its huge steps towards plugging in the internet and its services. To a lesser extend but still mattering, this applies to South America too.


- No boundaries. Internet is the only medium which lacks boundaries in terms of spending. A service or a product that is located in the cloud for example is omnipresent and available to all regions, instead of restricted to local logistics and involving ground expenses.

- Innovation is Internet’s second name and will be even more present in the Internet of Things to come. Nothing spurs technological advancement more than the processes that got mentioned beforehand. A wide audience, a fierce competition and lack of financial and geographical boundaries ensure that the environment of the internet will continue to breed more and more innovative projects. Developing and investing them will give an edge to all involved for future projects that will follow up the success. Nothing is more inspiring than being a part of an innovative environment.

- The internet has open source software. In the last years open source software has proven something very valuable: it is a breathing, safe and qualitative alternative to proprietary software that servers its userbase’s needs well.

Open source means that new businesses have a ground to start from, leaning on the expertise on others before them and cutting operational (and investment) costs. This also means that they can customize their purpose better to fit the niche they are aiming for with the spared resources.

The benefit of community testing and developing is yet another plus side of open source. An open source based product has a steady follower base ready to help on improving it and at the same time – a large adopter audience.

And these are just a small fragment on the matter. Investing in Internet hasn't gotten old - on the contrary, it's more important and hot than ever. Because if there's something that is rapidly and constantly evolving, this is technology for sure.

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