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Microweber is free drag and drop open source website builder and content management system (CMS) of new generation. You can use it to create  any kind of websites, online shop and blog. 

Drag any element anywhere on your website, online store or blog and just drop it to give your website the look and feel you desire. 

Drag & Drop applies to all types of content:

images, text fields, videos, and the whole variety of modules and additional customization options.

Drag and Drop works similar to most computer programs. For example, to mount an image, just drag and drop it in the desired location; to change the color, just click on the appropriate icon. Microweber provides optimal and intuitive user experience for everybody. 

No code knowledge required! 

Even if you are not a computer genius, you can easily find your way around Microweber. Our team has developed a simple, user-friendly interface for the optimal user experience.  

Drag and Drop saves you a huge amount of time and makes creating your website an unmatched intuitive user experience. Managing and rearranging your content is now a matter of seconds now.

 Just use your mouse and your imagination.

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