How to install Microweber CMS

Before You Install

Before installing Microweber, you have to make sure that your machine or hosting provider fulfills all the requirements including Hardware, Software, and permissions.

Technical Requirements & Specifications

Supported Web Servers 

Microweber can be installed and running on one of the following web servers. 

Supported Database Servers

For the Database servers we support MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite.

Front-end Technologies

For the front-end technologies we Microweber is using Bootstrap, jQuery and Microweber UI (for the admin panel)

Back-end Technologies

Microweber code is written in PHP using the latest version of Laravel Framework

Web Browsers Support

Microweber can be browsed and used through all standard web browser but we can guarantee full functionality and usability while using Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer Edge. 

How to install Microweber?

To install Microweber CMS is very easy. We have prepared the simple installing process. Here is how the install screen lookalike and what options you need to set 

Watch a Video

Learn how to install and configure your website and website builder Microweber. We have prepared some useful video lessons and tutorials in Microweber Academy.

ondemand_video How to install Microweber

Other useful articles and materials of how to install Microweber

Thanks to the community that supports this awesome website builder and CMS. The links below are articles for how to install and configure your Microweber on different servers and OS

How to install Microweber 1.1.+ on Ubuntu 18.04

Video tutorial - How to install Microweber on Ubuntu 16.04

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