Install MW on laravel

How to install microweber on my subdomain laravel project? 
I'm new using mw and interest so much about cms and storefront of mw
In my case i've main website run on laravel, and i want my subdomain use frontend and cms mw on and also
Can i install mw on main laravel project ? And where to place it?
Peter Ivanov 4 years ago

you must make clean install with:

composer create-project microweber/microweber my_site

yakkatv 1 year ago

how to prepare php to install  i got error 

[root@web 11]# composer create-project microweber/microweber my_site
Creating a "microweber/microweber" project at "./my_site"
Installing microweber/microweber (v1.2.6)
  - Installing microweber/microweber (v1.2.6): Extracting archive
    The Process class relies on proc_open, which is not available on your PHP installation.
    The archive may contain identical file names with different capitalization (which fails on case insensitive filesystems)
    Unzip with unzip command failed, falling back to ZipArchive class

  Undefined index: process  

create-project [-s|--stability STABILITY] [--prefer-source] [--prefer-dist] [--repository REPOSITORY] [--repository-url REPOSITORY-URL] [--add-repository] [--dev] [--no-dev] [--no-custom-installers] [--no-scripts] [--no-progress] [--no-secure-http] [--keep-vcs] [--remove-vcs] [--no-install] [--ignore-platform-req IGNORE-PLATFORM-REQ] [--ignore-platform-reqs] [--ask] [--] [<package>] [<directory>] [<version>]

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