I'm Impressed With Microweber!

This CMS is pretty impressive. Does it use SQLite? I read elsewhere in the internet that it does, but couldn't find a reference to it anywhere here. Anyway, I hope it does use SQLite, because f it does, then it will be the #1 recommended small business CMS I'll tell my clients to use. I'm a theme designer, graphic designer, photographer, and now I offer web hosting to my clients who have small businesses in my local area. I need something that's easy for my clients to manage, and has a small server footprint to keep their hosting costs low.

I wish it had ical/rss event support though. My clients use event calendars pretty heavily, such as google calendar, or microsoft/outlook calendar. They need to show events such as: foodtruck locations on a given day, community events, special item & fundraising events, vacation/holiday closed events, and other special events that stays in sync with the site and mobile devices win which they can receive alerts.

I also just noticed, that the client has no way of knowing if a user is logged in or not?

It would be nice to have a profile page with a purchase history, comment history, if it's not too heavy on server resources.

I also noticed that products cannot be setup for automated digital products. In other words, purchasing a digital product gives access to a particular file download. This is sorely needed. Perhaps in the "add new field", you can add "download file". So that when the user purchases the products, they can download the file associated with it.

Anyway, good job and keep up the good work!
Peter Ivanov 1 year ago

Hi Draven,

Thanks for trying out our CMS and we are very happy that you like it

There is SQLITE support. If your server have php_sqlite support, you should see this option on the install screen.

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions, we are working hard to improve the system.

In some of the next versions we will have those features added.

yadavtheddie007 10 months ago

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Draven Vestatt