How to make PWA the app from a website on the Microweber CMS ?

Good afternoon! In recent times, a very relevant topic is PWA applications.  It is not difficult to make it from a static site. If you comply with certain conditions. For some CMS such as Wordpress, Magento, Drupal there are plugins that make from sites made on these CMS-PWA applications. Question is there a plugin for Microweber CMS ? And how to make a site made on Microweber CMS-PWA application ?
Peter Ivanov 2 years ago

hi, you can make PWA , you can define your REST api endpoint using this function 

then you can use get_content functions or laravel functions

aukc 2 years ago

Thanks for the answer ! I'm not sure what to do ? You can write detailed instructions how to do the items ? Or better yet, can you make a plugin for a PWA app ? After all, no one knows how to do everything better than developers ! In CMS Magento work is already underway here are some links :

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