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With the vast penetration and easy access to internet today, everyone can freely share their thoughts and ideas with the rest of the world by creating their own blog. The good news is that there is a way to monetize on that and there is a system that makes it easy as pie.

Blogging can be a great pastime, a wonderful channel to express yourself and help others with useful tips and tricks from your own experience. Whether it's travel, dieting, programming, cooking, knitting – you name it, the curiosity and need of people for information is immense.

Blogging as a hobby

If you want to have a good blog, however, you need to dedicate it a considerable amount of your time and resources. You have to update it regularly with fresh articles, videos, images and other materials to keep your readers coming. Sometimes, this is a difficult endeavor if you need to go to work to make a living. A proper blog may take up a lot of hours to do the necessary research, writing, editing and all that stuff. So, wouldn't it be great if all these efforts paid off - literally?

Luckily, there is a great solution for that and more and more bloggers have come to realize the material potential their hobby brings. A growing number of them are already abandoning their normal jobs to dedicate all their time to their blogs, generating some good revenue out of them.

Blogging for a living

As you may have noticed, many of the blogs out there are dedicated to specific topics – like cooking, teaching languages, DIY, hairstyling, make-up, etc. They offer useful tips and advice on best practices, solutions to common problems, great places to visit and so on and so on. Each of these categories hides a great business potential and both bloggers and businesses are beginning to realize it.

When you read or watch a great DIY tutorial, showing you exactly how to make your own coffee table, you feel inspired and are ready to rush to the store to buy all the materials you need. But why rush to the store, when all you need can be just a click away on the blog's own e-shop?! If you write about make-up procedures, guess what… you can sell make-up. If you post recipes, you can contact your local grocery store and offer them to start selling their food products or spices online, pocketing part of the profit. The options and opportunities are endless.

Microweber, a one-stop-shop for blogging e-sellers

Microweber CMS & Website Builder is a great solution for bloggers who are ready to plunge into the vast world of e-commerce and start making some real dollars. Each of its templates comes with a built-in online store functionality, eliminating the need of complicated plug-ins and actions. All is there to start selling right away.

The platform is open-source which means endless opportunities to customize it and get invaluable help and support from the online community. It is known for its "Live Edit" functionality, combining a revolutionary Drag & Drop with WYSIWYG editor.

Right now, the CMS is actually finishing a major design overhaul to make it even more flexible and easy to use. One of the cool new things in the shop section is that shipping, payments, taxes, and other useful options have been moved out of the settings menu. To give users even easier access to their e-shop management tools, these are now displayed as key categories directly in the left panel on your screen, eliminating the need to go to settings every time they wish to do something with them.

Feel inspired to start your own online business? Download Microweber and indulge in your journey!‌ 

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