How to edit the HTML of a page.

F‌irst of all, sorry for my bad english.

I started to use the Dream Template and i added some changes on the templates files and in the custom.css to make the site like i want to.
But i am facing a problem.


This is how my menu looks like, the problem is that i need that 3 of the sub categories of the menu have each one a diferent background than the rest of them.

i need that these three be diferent from all the others, but how i do that if i dont see the menu on the HTML Editor, and i cannot edit that on the header.php of the template?
Peter Ivanov 3 years ago

Hello, you cannot edit the HTML of the menu directly

those menu have CSS classes that you can style

if you want contact us on skype: microweber or on the live chat and we wil ltry to help

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