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And three cool reasons to do it

We've been getting a lot of inquiries from users lately, asking us how they can benefit from our affiliate program. So, for all those blogging enthusiasts out there, who are ready to move to the next level and start making some real dollars, here is a short how-to:

1. Register on Microweber

The first and most important step you need to make is registered on Just click on the Get Started blue button in the right top corner of your screen and our system will take you smoothly through the whole process:

2. Go to Control Panel

Once you've signed up to Microweber, you will receive a message in your mailbox, asking you to confirm your registration. Do that, log-in with your credentials, and click on the Control Panel bar in the left menu on your screen This will take you to the screen below, where you should go to Affiliate Program.

3. Get your affiliate link

Once there, you will see Your Unique Referral Link - copy it and publish it on your website. You are now all set to start making real money.

Blogging with benefits

Our affiliate program comes with a 90-day affiliate cookie. This means that if a user clicks on your affiliate link and purchases anything from Microweber within 90 days, Microweber will give you credit, hence you will get your commission, because your user clicked through the link and purchased something.

Generous commission - we believe in fair play, that's why we give you a generous 50% commission for each buy generated through your affiliate link. If a user buys a Microweber template worth $22 through your link, you will immediately get $11 in our account.

Once you've made $100, you can ask us to send you your money and we will do that right away. Just click on the Request Withdrawal button in the centre of your screen.

You can check your money, clicks, and everything in your Microweber profile anytime, anyplace.

Bonus: Three cool reasons to join Microweber's affiliate program

1. No production or setup costs

We all have an idea how expensive it could be to come up with and actually produce a new product, especially if you are running your business from the comfort of your house. Microweber's affiliate program eliminates this headache – we have done all the hard work, all you have to do is join in and start making money.

We have also made all the heavy investing – your only cost will be for domain and hosting (check out our attractive plans here)

2. Money in your pocket, even when you sleep

With Microweber's affiliate program, you don't even need to be awake to do business. Your affiliate link works for your 24/7, bringing you profit from every corner of the world.

3. No annoying customer service

We can all imagine what a pain in the … serving customers can be sometimes. With Microweber's affiliate program, this issue is gone. Anybody, who clicks on the affiliate link, will be taken straight to our website and we'll take care of things from there on.

With Microweber, you don't risk or lose anything - you can only win!

Stay tuned for the latest exciting news about Microweber CMS & Web Builder and don't forget to tell us what you need, like or dislike in our ForumSuggest a Feature section or get in touch with us directly!‌     


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