How to Add "Square" payment gateway

I need the advice for adding the "Square" payment gateway.  The problem is I can not enable this payment gateway.  Also, after adding this module, I can not save other settings such as Stripe keys and etc.  I can see the green "shop settings are saved" message at the top of pages, but changes are not actually saved.

I added the following directories

1) vendor/omnipay/square
  (I manually copied from GitHub /Transportersio/omnipay-square and add it to the directory.  Not using composor)

2) userfiles/modules/shop/payments/gateways/omnipay_square
  (I copied omnipay_stripe and modified files)

In the admin.php file, I made the form collecting the following three parameters.


The Microweber read this module and created the following SQL entry

(103, '2020-05-12 22:59:34', '2020-05-11 19:31:43', NULL, 1, 1, 'Square payment', 0, NULL, 'shop/payments/gateways/omnipay_square', NULL, '', 'Microweber', NULL, NULL, 'payment_gateway', 1, 0, 132, NULL, 1, 0, NULL, 0, NULL, NULL, NULL, 'online shop');

Are there any other things I must create in the system?
a7medmz3ki 2 years ago

i am in kuwait i use diffrent payment integration , i use something called my fatoorah you don't have to use omnipay integratio

1 -create moudle for you payment - or check how to create module
2 - in process,php put your integration 

it works for me

yutaka 2 years ago

One thing I was not sure about the last update which was failed.  It was updating v1.1.17 to 1.1.18 and generated some errors.  Therefore, the platform was maybe broken. I decided to re-install the lastest Microweber and start all over again for building the site instead of fixing unknown broken parts.

I have not finished the entire localization and I have just copied only the Square module to "userfiles/modules/shop/payments/gateways/omnipay_square/".

On the new v1.1.19 platform, now I can save the "Square" configuration to sql and activate this omnipay_square module on Shop_settings/Payment methods.  Therefore, I assume the issue I posted earler was caused by the broken platform due to the update.

danielwattm0821 1 year ago

Create module for your payment.In process,php, put your integration.slitherio

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