The Microweber CMS makes life easier for both hosting providers and website owners. 
The Microweber website builder is a web based software for hosting providers.  
It ensures a super easy website creation process and does not require any special technical knowledge of end-users. 

Your customers create and manage their own Websites, Online shops and Blogs, saving time and money.  

Microweber is the best solution for your customers.

Free plan - $0.00 USD

Unlimited Websites on unlimited servers
1 default template
Built-in E-commerce

White label - $20 USD / Per month

Unlimited websites per IP address
20+ Premium template (Coming soon, 5 available)
Built-in E-commerce
Custom Domain e.g.:
Custom Logo (Admin Panel, Live Edit, Login Form, Template Link)
Custom link on the website footer on each template
Test Version with your domain

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Microweber features  

1. Drag & Drop

Microweber employs the latest trend in the new generation of CMS. Drag & Drop technology gives users the opportunity to arrange and manage their content with only a click of the mouse, dragging and dropping elements across the screen. Microweber has utilized Drag & Drop from the ground up unlike many other CMS who have later integrated in their systems. Thus the technology is in a 100% compliance with the software.  

2. Real-Time Text Writing & Editing

The flagship feature of Microweber is giving users the ability to write and edit in real time. Real-Time Text Writing & Editing ensures content management on the website interface itself in a “live” environment, without the need to stick to administrator panels. Paired with Drag & Drop, this feature offers unmatched easiness and quickness in creating and managing content. Real-Time Text Writing & Editing is yet another feature that Microweber has had from the start instead of adopting later. It being inherent in the system there are no hassles around forced adjustment or integration. 

3. Built-in Ecommerce solution

While Microweber is a software perfect for website creation and blogs, it is also focused on delivering an opportunity for internet entrepreneurs.  The CMS offers for free a feature that is often charged for – a built-in ecommerce solution. This feature is empowered by e-commerce related modules including an integrated shopping cart, payment gateway, specific custom and many more. 

4. Modular architecture

Microweber is module-based and employs a number of different modules. These ensure appropriate scalability for the different needs end-users may have. The Microweber environment is addition-friendly and newly created custom modules are easy to integrate and add to the modular pool of the software. 

5. Template-based

Microweber makes it easy to choose and change between templates. Keeping in mind the current trends the software includes the concept of responsive design and all websites created with the builder are 100% mobile-friendly. 

6. Powerful yet space-sensitive

In case a shared architecture is used, Microweber has a humble disk space footprint of only 2 megabytes. Microweber White Label License The Microweber White Label License offers a complete solution for web hosting companies. Our pack consists of both cPanel and WHM Complete Solution (WHMCS) and its installation takes up less than 10 minutes. 

Microweber White Label License 

The Microweber White Label License offers a complete solution for web hosting companies. Our pack consists of both cPanel and WHM Complete Solution (WHMCS) and its installation takes up less than 10 minutes. Additionally, we can integrate other solutions like Webmin or Virtualmin on demand. 

The advantages of Microweber White Label License

  • The web hosting company has its own domain ( and receives an unlimited quota of websites per one IP.
  • The web hosting company can remove the Microweber logo and put up its own logo. 
  • The web hosting company can remove the Microweber link on the footer. It can put its own link on each website created under the Microweber White Label License.
  • The web hosting company can introduce its own Login screen instead of the Microweber one. 
  • The web hosting company receives additional rich customizations options for free.* 
  • The web hosting company has access to more than 20 templates for the software.**
  • The web hosting company also receives the integrated ecommerce solution that Microweber has as a built-in feature.

* Examples are customization of admin solutions, choice of modules included in the web hosting company’s white label software and more.

** Currently in stage of development but expected to be available soon.