What to expect from Version 1.0

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We have been waiting for over 2 years for this moment and we can finally say it:

The testing for Microweber Version 1.0 has finally ended!

It took some long weeks of hard work, constant tests and a good amount of tinkering around the code. We’re exhausted but very, very happy.

The CMS is now completely functional and on par with design and user experience trends with the newly introduced inner interface. It’s a terrific improvement over what we had before – which was already a very good platform.

We thought about it a bit and decided that it still lacks something very valuable: templates. Currently we have only two templates that do no justice to the quality of the software. And if there’s something that matters a lot alongside functionality, this is the freedom of customization.

This is why we decided to work on a set of templates and release the version with a bundle of them in the end of August.

However, for everyone that are eager to test Version 1.0 of Microweber, we will release a downloadable Version 0.95. It will be the same as the version seen in the screenshots below. But it will not include the new templates we're currently working on.

It was a hard and debated decision but what we strive for is shaking the CMS waters a bit with a fully-finished product. We know you’re eager to get your hands on 1.0 – we’re pretty impatient regarding the release too! Just hang on there while we’re providing a diversity of templates that will further improve what we built already.

For some tease-and-please, we have prepared a thorough gallery of different screenshots. They show the Version 1.0 CMS in different aspects, including dashboards, statistics, ecommerce-related actions, layouts, Live Edit or Admin Panel view and many, many more.

Website content creation gallery 
(click on the images to view in full size)

Online Shop, Clients, Orders 
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Live Edit View

(click on the images to view in full size)


Website Settings & Navigation

(click on the images to view in full size)

We are unleashing the full potential of Microweber as a new generation of CMS pretty soon. As always, stick with us and be our sidekicks on the amusing journey. As you already see, it's worth it.

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