Step By Step Setup 

Enterprise White Label License 

Here is your white label:


License - Enterprise White Label

Exasmple Key: Enterprisedb6b540101z


First you need to download WHMCS Module 


Second, download cPanel or Plesk plugin from here: 


to select which template (microweber templates) in the WHMCS go to

Addons -> Microweber Addon 

From the Microweber Addon in WHMCS you can select templates you want to be visible on your website.
From settings of the template, you can change the name and the order of display 

Go to cPanel / Plesk module settings and enter your WHMCS address and upload your company logos for the white label branding

Create a new order in your WHMCS and you should see the new website created in your cPanel 


If you have any questions, please let us know

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