Live Edit

Write, edit and manage your content in real time.

When you are in live edit mode you can do several different things.

1. Writing and edit text in real time.
2. Adding modules or layouts. 
3. Browse through the website. 

We will pay attention to each of these things

Writing and edit text in real time.

Writing text is the most normal thing. At Microweber we thought it best to write text directly to the page in which you are, without pop-up windows or forwarding to other pages.  

To make your text a true virtuoso, Microweber gives you this opportunity by using the Big and Small Text Editor.  

The Live Edit mode is the best way to create content. Because you actually write text in real time. 
You are able to add videos and images You also can re-range the website with few clicks. 

When you select a text the small text editor upper.

The real-time text writing and editing feature (WYSIWYG editor) allow users to write, edit and overall manage their content in real time. Going “live” means you can work on the website interface every time you wish to, a real "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) experience. 

At the top of the screen when you select text you will see the big text editor 

Of course, Microweber has an admin panel too, so users can switch between different views depending on their preferences. Use it like google docs in real time.

Adding modules or layouts.  

On Live Edit, you can also do drag and drop. Use the Right site bar menu 

Browse through the website. 

You also can brows true your website. You are able to switch from Live admin to the Live Edit from the admin button on the top.

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