Custom Page Types?

Can we make the cms have a custom page type like for example, lets say I am building out a website for a realtor, and I want a custom page type called "real estate listing" that the realtor can just add the info about the home for sale, images, etc and the page is pre-templated to all the "real estate listing" pages look the same. 

Also, can you turn off page types like "products"
Peter Ivanov 2 years ago

g‌reat idea, we will try to implement it soon 

dario.baumberger 6 months ago

Hello Peter Ivanov How is the situation here? I couldn't find a ticket in the GitHub Issues.I would be very interested in this feature.For example, it would be exciting to record employees. These custom posts (employees) could then be selected in a module, for example a contact card. Would be exciting for everything that is used more than once on the page and should be able to adapted dynamically.Or is there already something that can be used to implement something like this?

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