Crach After Upgrade


Our website was indicating an update.
It seems to be updating fine. However after pressing a button.
It totally collapsed.


(1/1) ReflectionException

Class module_manager does not exist

in Container.php line 729
at ReflectionClass->__construct('module_manager')in Container.php line 729
at Container->build('module_manager')in Container.php line 608
at Container->resolve('module_manager')in Container.php line 575
at Container->make('module_manager')in Application.php line 728
at Application->make('module_manager')in Container.php line 1172
at Container->offsetGet('module_manager')in Container.php line 1208
at Container->__get('module_manager')in functions.php line 18

Wat is the way forward to correct / solve this?
Peter Ivanov 1 year ago

Please delete the folder bootstrap/cache

paul 1 year ago

This fix didn't work for me.  Same ReflectionException when attempting to load any part of the site.  Any other suggestions?Thanks.Paul

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