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Hello, I am a novice and looking to use a template that has an auto-play gallery slideshow. Does anyone know of what that exists or can I change settings somewhere to get them to autoplay? Thank you.


Thank you for sharing Microweber. I have a question, why it doesn’t use Blade?I think it will be nicer for Laravel devs. I see you use <?php to print variables, instead of {{}}


Hello, I`ve disabled the shop option but the cart still appears in the home page in the right corner, also i want to remove the option for account and creating an account in my website can you please help me ?  also i removed Enable User Registration…


I'm installing Microweber on a Windows Server 2016 running IIS. When I go to the new site, I get the questions about the database and username. But when I click the INSTALL button, the progress bar goes to 8% and then appears to get stuck. …


In shop settings I change the currency, invoice settings change the country that the business is in, and it doesn't save.  There is no popup indicating the changes have been saved, and nothing to click to save them. Any fix for this?


Can I disable all store options. My customers don't need it.


hello, i want change payment on shop module, please tell me how to change the code... for payment i want use : 1. Ipay88 please tell me what should i do


I noticed that in call us number you put a lot of 6. As well as permission of your files while normally they are 644. Are you doing this intentionally?


Good afternoon ! How to transfer a site to microweber cms with sqlite database to another domain and another hosting? Just make an archive and unpack it in a new location?


Good evening ! Can you please tell us there is a problem? When you select Russian, the tabs on the advanced settings do not work when you switch to English, the tabs work.

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