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Hello,I have little problem.. whatewer page I set to be Home page - browser shows "This page is deleted!"I have deleted original homepage without switching to another one.I can see top and bottom, but in place for page it responds just "This page is deleted!"Any Idea?TxRegards Jan


Is it possible to set up tax rates? Or will this be a feature in the future?Kind RegardsMatt


Hello!Donations: you can publish your donation account.Paypal is not considered for me - Thanks.Bye


Hi,I have one problem.After installing Microweber to the directory with the alias domain is given the correct URL. Example:Alias ​​domain is located in the directory /www/domains/alias-domain.tldURL adress is then http://alias-domain.tld/domains/ on /www RewriteEngine On#…


I've installed v 0.93 on my server. When I create a new product and try to change the category, it defaults back to "Shop" automatically, and it won't let me change it. However, when set up a site through your free hosting, this feature works just fine. Is there a problem with my install, or is the…


How do I add a new date format for the UK in the format of D-M-Y (instead of M-D-Y)?


I've started a custom template using a copy of the Liteness template and I've tried to change the background image to one that I've uploaded via Template Settings section in the on-page editor; the image is a simple fade from green to white and is 2px wide x 1088px high; The top green of the image shows…


Hello,I'm quite desprite  .. need to change heading and footer backround. When I change in editor it seems to be fine, but in browser is overvritten by template. I have done it in pre 0.95 version end it was functional.Any idea what I do wrong?Thanks Jan Tkany


Hello,just another qestion I need to have diferent heading menu for example for purose of multi language page.How can I do it?Tx Jan


U‌sing 0.95 now, love it. I'm trying to add a hyperlink from the live edit mode or normal edit mode. I select the text I wish to make into a link, a popup box shows and I click the Add/Edit link button. Another popup with tabs appears and "Pages from My Website" is one tab with a drop down control…

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