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Hi, is it possible to use php directly in the code?I want to use a dynamic call to an url, but it's not working.I have tried it with <php  ..  ?> and without...The code works in a different CMS system, but I'd like to change to Microweber. The code is quite simple:$shopurl = "$_GET[goto]/";echo…


Hi! Microweber looks like a very nice CMS!I have a Galaxy tab 2.10 tablet and a HTC 8X Windows phone. On these it seem I cannot access the sub-menus of my website's main menu? Just top level buttons. Is this something you're aware of, and will it be implemented mobile friendly menus in any foreseeable…


Good afternoon,First of all, what a fantastic CMS solution.I have problems with the embedding of content.Every time i select a code for example video embed Vimeo, I get my own site in a small screen.At the moment working on www.erkho.nlGreetings,Sander


In the standard template there is a menu on top.For some reason i deleted it, but i want it back without installing everything again.How can i get the menu back?


Hi,I have created a full website offline successfully through LAMPP. It's my first week on Microweber and have designed a template and created the whole site in just three days. This is quite surprising, since it will take me a long time to develop the same output with Wordpress. Good work, MW team!However,…


H‌i.  I'm trying to install in Ubuntu.I have gotten to the point where Microweber reports that "Installtion is completed", but if I click "Click here to go to admin panel" I get anThe requested URL /Microweber/admin was not found on this server.error.  If I try "Click here to visit your site", I…


Does this CMS have any spam protection?


I have installed Microweber and made some pages.Now i also want to make a forum in it.Is it possible to make it also in Microweber or must i use anpther forum core?


I have been trying to import a csv or excel file, description and titles are okay,  but the pictures are not showing. idea why the import module doesn't work properly?Thanks for your help.


I installed Beta v. 0.93461 on my a Ubuntu 12.04 LTS virtual server running Apache2.I didn't have this problem with the first instance I installed on one of the domains.I installed it today on 2 other domains with different document roots (naturally). Now it appears that when I am in live edit mode,…

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