Color and Image customization with the Liteness template

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The new default Liteness template offers a far greater color customization than the previous New World one. In order to access the Template Settings menu you have to click the wheel-like button either on the top of screen (just below the three horizontal lines which prompt up the Modules bar) or on your right.

The Template Settings menu includes a diverse list of editable fields and elements. You can:

1) Choose your desired font which will be used on your website, online shop or blog. Currently there are 7 available fonts.

2) Choose a certain Color Scheme out of the predefined schemes Microweber CMS has. Currently there are 6 available schemes.

3) Set custom colors for different elements of your website

- Main Color (for Headers & Footers)
- Text Color for the text available on your website
- Box Color
- Links & Buttons Color

4) Change your website's background color

5) Set a background image – either choose one of the predefined images or better yet, upload your own image.

Setting up a custom color is really easy and is a similar process throughout all editable fields. Just pick a color from the color palette and adjust your desired brightness of the chosen color.

In case you wish to revert back any color changes you’ve made, just click the Reset button on the right of the Custom Colors sub-menu.

Click on the wheel-like button on the right if you wish to exit it, yet to have it stand ready on your right. In case you wish to hide it and have it only on the top of the screen, click on the Remove button in the top right corner of it.


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