Clone a site

I am have installed microweber via softaculous - loving it!

Softaculous recently introduced a 'one-click' cloning function, but is currently only for a limited number of packages - of which microweber is not one of them.  Firstly, can you please add this functionality to softaculous!  it would make life so much easier (I've tried it on softaculous with other packages e.g wordpress etc. and it works amazingly well).  That is plan A.

However, meantime, can anyone tell me the easiest way for me to duplicate/copy/clone my microweber site in cpanel/softaculous, so that I can have multiple sites (which will have different company names/graphics added later) but all based on the original site - without having to re-ket each site individually.  All the sites will be on the same CPanel, but different stand-alone accounts, but as I say, initially based on the same (my) website.  Does that make sense?

It has to be said, I have literally no real IT knowledge (hence the one-click softaculous option being my preferred route) - so please keep it basic/simple/easy/newbie if at all possible.  Every article I have read just confuses the life out of me!!

I look forward to hearing anyone's ideas/thoughts on the subject. Thanks.

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