Become contributor

Become a contributor

The Open source community will always need you! 
We share our work with the rest of the world freely and we know you will do the same.

Having fun writing code?

If you are a PHP or Front-end developer you can develop functions and modules which are fundamental to the system, yet are not in its core.

If you are looking to satisfy a demand of specific modules or various CMS plug-ins you can also either sell them OR use them as a way to advertise yourself or your company in front of a great audience.

You can also write or edit documentation for the developers crafting their ideas and using Microweber as a platform for them. Your help would be surely appreciated!

Love making design?

If you are a designer you can start creating and share your awesome templates. We are working on a Microweber Marketplace where you will be able to sell them afterwards. Alternatively, you can use your work as a way to advertise yourself or your company in front of a great audience.

Want to see Microweber in your language?

If you want to see Microweber translated in your own language – go ahead and be one of our translation volunteers! Our CMS is currently available in 9 languages so there is a whole linguistic world waiting out there. In case you don't have a GitHub account, you can simply download the English version of Microweber and translate it in your native language. Please contact us when you are ready with your translated version so we can include it in our next update.

Keen on socializing?

You can write a fresh blog article on Microweber and help us reach a bigger audience thus informing people about a CMS they will need for sure. We will appreciate this very much and will include you and your website as a contributor in our list.

And last but not least – brainstorm, communicate and share with other members of our community your ideas and recommendations. Microweber is meant to bring people together!

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