1.2 Amazing but Extremely Slow Server Response

I have been waiting for a long time for an updated microweber system. However the server response time is horrible. I am testing another laravel 8 application on the same exact server with a response of less than 0.400ms but v1.2 loads at 2.8s on the final page. It is amazing as I said but it needs a crazy amount of optimization from the coders. Just in case many of you dont know google will penalize you if the site is over 1s. I hope this changes with time. First do yourself a favor and remove all the icon scripts /userfiles/templates/new-world/header.php   the mwIcons load a nice 1.2mb on page load. Also maybe use gumlet.com to preload your images. The lowest I was able to get it is 1.6s without many any changes to the actual script. 
Peter Ivanov 1 year ago

hello, we are working on the speed and we will try to make it faster 

adamtang7926 1 year ago

Hi, is this slowness solved? I'm using 1.2.6 and it felt quite slow than usual laravel app. Is there any optimization steps?

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